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Nice is an incredibly diverse city, acting as more than simply a beach town in the South of France. It is a vibrant city that can be a beach holiday, a cultural trip, or a shopper’s paradise. For that reason, it has become a major tourist destination, hosting more than four million visitors yearly. It sees tourists come year-round, with the summer being the busiest season.

With the second busiest airport in France, Nice has great access to the other resorts on the Côte d’Azur. Nice sees a variety of tourists and residents walk the streets and fill the cafés and restaurants. The residents include Italians, Swiss, British and, of course, French, adding a sense of international allure to the town.

The restaurants are likely to be filled with young families and young adults. The latter often visit wanting to enjoy the beach during the days and enjoy some great nightlife in the evenings. Nice hosts festivals throughout the summer months to attract families and interested parties. The city is festive most notably during the Nice Jazz festival. Nice has the longest running street carnival in history, a two-week long family event that ends in a spectacular display of fireworks.

Nice is second to Paris in terms of culture and dynamism, and it is such a compact city that most things are easily reachable by foot. The city offers all the amenities one can wish for a in a French Riviera holiday, paired with the easiest access for international travellers.

South of France

The South of France is a land filled with beautiful French villas and loaded with history, all alongside the Mediterranean sea and under the warm southern sun. Owning a villa in the South of France is a dream for most.

The area is rich in culinary culture and arts, and is often a playground for the rich and famous. Purchasing a villa in France, especially in the South of France, is always a good investment as it never goes out of style – for those visiting, or for those looking for a second home in the sun.

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