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Malta Citizenship Investment Scheme

Posted by Antony Daly on September 30, 2019

A Glimpse of Malta

Malta Citizenship & Residency by Investment Programmes

Malta offers two programs – the Malta Citizenship Investment Scheme (for citizenship) and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (for residency).

1. Malta Citizenship Investment Scheme

The Malta Citizenship Investment Scheme known as the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is aimed at ultra high net worth individuals.


  • €650,000 non-refundable donation to the National Development Fund, for the main applicant, and
  • €25,000 for the spouse and each minor child.
  • €55,000 for each unmarried child aged 18-26 years old, and for each dependent parent over 55 years old.


  • €150,000 investment in bonds or shares approved by the Government of Malta. Investment must be kept for at least five years.
  • And
    • €350,000 investment in Maltese Real Estate, and keep it for at least five years, or
    • €16,000 annual property rent with a five-year contract.

    The benefits after one year’s residency are citizenship and a Maltese second passport. This in turn grants European citizenship and the ability to live, work and study anywhere in the EU.

    2. Malta Residence & Visa Programme

    Introduced by the Malta Legal Notice 288 of 2015 under the Immigration Act, the Malta Residence and Visa Programme allows non-EU/EEA/Switzerland nationals and their dependents (spouse, children under 26 and parents) to settle in Malta indefinitely, provided that the requirements are still met.

    To be eligible for the program you must not hold a residency permit in Malta under another Programme (except the Global Residence Programme).

    You must have an annual income of at least €100,000 accrued outside Malta or have capital of at least €500,000.

    You will be required to purchase a residential property with a value of at least €320,000, if located in Malta, or €270,000 if located in Gozo or in the South of Malta. Property must be held for at least five years and cannot be leased to a third party.

    Alternatively, instead of property purchase, you may rent a property in Malta, with a minimum annual rent of €12,000, if in Malta, or €10,000 if in Gozo or in South of Malta.

    In addition, you must make an investment of €250,000 in non-interest Maltese Government Bonds, returnable after five years, and a ‘one-time’ financial contribution of €30,000 to the Government of Malta (The non-refundable €5,500 application fee constitutes part payment of this financial contribution).


    To find out more about Malta residency and citizenship by investment, please contact us.

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