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Corsica offers something distinctive to those who visit. It does not offer bright lights, glamour and casinos; France has the southern Riviera for that. Corsica is an island that is filled with character and charm. The outdoor activities that are offered are top class, from hiking and long marked walking trails, scuba diving and cycling.

The residents are warm and generally very friendly. They are proud of their heritage and it resonates in all aspects of the culture. The French language is the official language, however their Corsican dialect is still very much spoken today.  Children and family are of high importance and their cultural identity is celebrated.

Corsica blends beautifully the Mediterranean gastronomy while hints of its own local flavours. From wild honey, to freshly caught fish, to the French wines, charcuterie and cheeses. They have an array of interesting locally grown ingredients, from Corsican clementines, to sheep’s cheese called Brocciu and pork from island-raised black pigs. Sitting down with locals over lunch or dinner is the best way to get to know the culture and to feel part of the family.

The Property Market in Corsica

There are beautiful properties to be purchased around the many beaches on the island. Property for sale in Corsica tends to be quite expensive and in short supply. In addition, there are some political discussions aiming to ban non-residents from buying property on the island, however very little believe this could come true.

Corsica is a popular tourist destination for the French population and many Europeans. The rental market is very busy, so purchasing a property for buy-to-let is very easy and lucrative.

Property in Corsica situated along the beach is usually the most expensive. Houses that are more more inland and in the villages are usually filled with character and are more affordable. They also allow an easier integration with local residents.

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